• Rules

    • Please be sure to have each participating child have their parent or legal guardian sign the waiver form attached. We have also attached a copy of your receipt, our party rental brochure (for reference), and birthday party invitations with directions to Bee Active.  Children without waivers signed in the manner above will not be allowed to play on the equipment so please make sure this is done either prior to the party or at the front desk during check in.

    • Make sure each party participant wears socks, they are required in order to play.  Don't worry if you or someone at your party does not arrive with socks they can buy them from our front desk for $2.00 per pair.  This is for your child's safety and we appreciate your cooperation. 

    • Please do not arrive early intending to set up immediately unless you have prearranged this when you booked your party and there is no party in the room before you (all early set up is conditional upon there not being a party in the room before you - be sure to check by calling us the day of your party to clear any intent to set up early).  If you have prearranged this with us your party will contain a note to this effect in our booking system. After each party we need to clean and sanitize the party area to prepare for the next party.  In most cases we are booked every hour and will need approx 15 - 20 minutes to get the space ready.  We have made a "staging area" for use while waiting so that our birthday party patrons can welcome their guests and help their children get started playing while we get your party area ready. 

    • When you arrive for your party, please do arrive a few minutes early to check in at the front desk.  Please pay your party balance if any is due.  Your party guests also need to arrive approximately 15 minutes early to receive a wristband and make sure they have a waiver signed.  Please make sure your guests understand PLAY time starts at the time you booked your party and ask them to arrive on time to ensure their child gets to play for the entire hour.  We do book our party space every hour please help us to make your party smooth by expecting us to be very busy getting things ready for you.  Please also keep in mind that adults may not participate on the equipment.  Ages 15 and under may participate on the equipment and all equipment has age and weight restrictions posted clearly.  Adults may "rescue" stranded children when needed and help children on and off the equipment.  Feel free to follow your children around and take pictures and otherwise interact with your children.

    • Your reservation begins at the top of the hour with one hour of play time on all of the inflatable's and also on the gymnastics equipment.  When your play hour is up we ask that you will help us find all your party guests and begin your party in your designated party space.  Our staff will remind you 15 minutes prior to the end of play time so that the kids are not surprised and upset when play time is over.  Please expect our staff to give you this warning and we promise our staff will be kind and courteous in doing so.  Thank you in advance, we greatly appreciate your help with this.

    • The second hour of your reservation begins at the top of the second hour and is for your "PARTY" in the designated party space.  There is likely a party right after yours so we ask that you anticipate this and do your best to finish your party on time.  Our staff will give you a friendly reminder 15 minutes before your party is scheduled to be finished so that your transition is expected and finishes on a HAPPY BIRTHDAY moment!  DECORATIONS: Taping may be done with single sided scotch tape only.  No Silly String or Confetti or Chewing Gum is allowed in the facility.  Please remove decorations before you exit.  We do the rest.

    • B Adventurous prides itself on being the ONLY party place in the Greater Cincinnati area that allows you to bring in ANY type of food that you wish along with your cake and ice cream.  We only require that you patronize our concessions for your drinks. 

      We look forward to working with you to make your child's special day truly special!  See you soon!