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Our kiddie party venue in Cincinnati, Ohio is the perfect space to bring together all your guests for a fun-filled day ahead. From kids to adults, everyone will surely have a great time here!

☎ 513-671-3100

Celebrate With Everyone Under One Roof

Make your kid’s occasions more memorable at B Adventurous in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rent our recreational space and invite your guests to join in the fun! For bookings and more information, reach out to us today!

General Facility Rental*

Looking to run an event? Have a daycare, preschool, home school or class field trip? Don’t cancel because of the weather! We have your climate controlled indoor solution! Rent our facility!

Over-nights (After Hours)

1,400 (up to 50 children)++

Call for after hour and whole space event rental

Cost Estimates Varies

Preschools, home schools, field trips

$10 per child

Overnights with participants 13 and over must be single gender. Any rental with more than 25 participants must leave refundable $250.00 damage deposit at time of check in.

Confirmation email will be sent upon payment of your deposit with details of party reserved and copy of receipt. If any damage is caused to the facility or inflatable during the rental, the person(s) renting the space will be charge a $250 Nonrefundable damage fee.

************* CALL TO MAKE RESERVATIONS 513-671-3100 ****************

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